Our Services

  1. IIK Transport specializes in dry van trailers and we carry any commodity that is packed on pallets.
  2. Our dispatch assistance is available 24 hours a day.
  3. In-house shop and “shop on wheels for roadside assistance locally.
  4. Cross-docking and warehousing solutions.


- Long haul – mid haul
- Pop up capacity / Project capacity
- Power only
- Dedicated fleet services
- Private fleet conversion


We make the most of every square foot of a trailer, allowing us to carry more goods by combining smaller loads - here is where "Less Than Truck Load" shipping tactics come into play.


25 trailer docks and a ramp for easy access, ready for:

- Live Cross Dock
- Freight Storage Solutions
- Unload, Store and Load
- Freight Re-stacking

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?