Our Mission

At IIK TRANSPORT, Inc., our goal is to provide the best transportation services that are safe and time efficient, with fair and competitive pricing while in a safe and conducive environment for our employees. Honesty is our watchword, and that is what we provide our customers and business partners with as well as integrity and competitive fairness.

Warehousing & Cross-dock

Short and long-term storage solutions. Local drivers to distribute anywhere in the Chicago area. OTR drivers to deliver anywhere in the USA or Canada.

24/7 service

Please contact us with your questions and concerns by calling the customer service number. Our customer care service is online 24/7


Our power plants exploit many blocks with a capacity of approximately 200+PU. There is nothing related to power failure leading to damage of loads. We have got you covered.

Welcome to IIK Transport

As an organization, we are committed to serving our customers with unrivaled high-quality service and safety in the trucking industry. Our customers define us with the standard they require and our number one priority is their satisfaction. So our customers come first, and their opinions matter. We strive towards achieving excellence with our services.

To provide these services to our external customers, our internal quality processes is at an optimum.  Our operational qualities are built to achieve efficiency.  Every employee must understand how their job contributes to the overall operation and directly influences the customers, who ultimately have the control knob. IIK TRANSPORT, Inc. is committed to evolving in all departments with customer needs.

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We work and provide our customers with reliable services to achieve greatness all made possible with the specially designed conditions to allow our employees to function more efficiently. Our excellent services allow for the justification of our work that is transmitted through our customers. We achieve that goal with by making sure our office staff and courteous drivers are happy and motivated. We work as a team to consistently provide the best possible service for our customers.

Technology plays a big part in our institution, and we take its full advantages to offer adequate services to our customers while also maintaining a level playing ground. Our employees have been provided with a working environment that allows them to be tech-savvy, time-conscious and considerate without compromise. We have absolute trust in our employees to attain the height of being the best in the industry.

We are prepared to go the extra mile for our clients. There’s nothing like a third party in our operations. We have eliminated the middleman role to give a better value to our customer. We are excited to expand our business with the addition of a new distribution center in the upcoming year. This is about you- the customers. We need your trust, and the only way to achieve this is by providing excellent service, unbeatable customer support, safe tracking, and doing it all at a fair competitive price. You can always rely on our proficiency and experience. We work as a team to provide excellent service for our customers. Moreover, we respect all of our stakeholders with the hope of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

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A very big thank you for showing interest in IIK TRANSPORT, Inc. Our customer care service are online 24/7

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